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Martina Dimitrova_Small Hrisantema_2024_©Julian Wiesemes.jpg


SMALL HRISANTEMA is a small coffee table, created with a structured application of plasters, which are covered with a bright orange second layer, and evened out with the starting material. An intricate pattern with thin bright lines resembling flower petals and the unpigmented white lime plaster with added muscovite mica gives this objects a joyful yet calming presence. 


YOUNG TRUNK is a small Pedestal Table, whose intricate pattern is inspired by the application of glue in construction. Custom spatulas are made to work longer areas as well as around the radius of the base-shape. By using solely human movement, each time the motion stops and starts again, human-influence, the steadiness of the hand and the heart within each individual process is being manifested in its pattern.



MOOR TRUNKS is a pair of end tables , whose tops are uncovered from heavily structured plaster,  revealing an intricate stripe pattern of the first layer. Hand-pigmented plasters are complemented with layers of shimmering bronze and mother of pearl to highlight the dynamic character of running plaster.