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            WINNER              BEST SCENOGRAPHY - Berlin Student Film Festival - 2019.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Roze Filmdagen  Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival - 2018.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival - 2019.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fabulosis Short Film Night - 2018.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fringe Queer Film  Arts Fest - 2019-2.png

This short unfolds the tale of Eva, a tragic celebrity residing in a fictitious Italy during the early 1980s. The concise compilation of works associated with postmodernism, Memphis design, and camp aesthetics characterizes the essence of the story. From furniture and costumes to the characters themselves, the graphic elements, and, notably, an entire exterior film set known as 'Sottsass Cityscape,' the production is grounded in postmodern principles and Italian-baroque opulence. It serves as an homage to renowned figures such as Ettore Sottsass, Robert Venturi, Matteo Thun, and others.

The narrative explores a hypothetical scenario: What if this collective of postmodern designers and architects had exerted a more significant influence on our daily lives? How might our society and surroundings appear today? By not only applying the well-established Memphis philosophy to the film's set and interior but also integrating it into the fashion styling of our cast, and uniting various artists for the project, I aim to provide a plausible response to this intriguing question.

The collaborative efforts of graphic artist Camille Walala and Japanese illustrator Yoko Honda enrich the portrayal of postmodernism and capture the spirit of the 1980s, contributing to the overarching concept of the infamous character, EVA.

Embark on a journey into a realm of postmodern kitsch set in an unspecified time and place. May our world be liberated by stylistic freedom and an embrace of diverse deviations.

script, direction, production design







sound mixing







Martina Dimitrova

Philipp Eichhorn

Johannes Greisle

Belle Santos, Rai Chai Bar-zvi

Zoe Kröll, Denise Schrader, Raphael Guillou

Camille Walala

Julian Wiesemes

Sebastian Sanchez

Justin-Ray Pecquet, Elisabeth Sooss, Rasmus-Alexander Uhsenholt-Holm, Johann Gottschling, Julian Schenk



Johannes Brüssau

Johanna Polley

Robin Jentys

Nicole Ratten

Heidi + Lisa Wagner

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